The Question after the Tragedy

In the daily aftermath of every tragedy a question is asked:

Why?  Why is there so much pain, selfishness, hate, lust, greed, drug / alcohol abuse, child abuse, killing and insanity, in every part of the world?  This is a question that is in the heart of every person who is impacted by the consequences of these attitudes and behaviors.  There are many solutions to these issues being proposed worldwide, from the local governments to the international bodies like the United Nations. Many theories are being put forth by the “educated” and “elite” leaders and heads of governments, but we realize that  the same men who propose solutions often demonstrate these same problems and behavior in their own lives. This only gives us another reason to ask “why?”  Why should we believe that our leaders have any answers or solutions to the deep, catastrophic problems that we as individuals and the world face when they themselves cannot seem to refrain from being corrupted by their power, using it so often for their own selfish interests?

The reason that we do not find an answer to our problems is that mankind, every one of us, is inherently unrighteous (sinful). We all contribute to the collective problems of the world we live in, and we are all subject to the consequences of the sins (evil behavior) of our fellow man.  Our own sinful pride and arrogance keep us from admitting our failures and our part in the insanity, from the least of us to the greatest and most talented.

Many of us do come to the realization that we are the problem and that the solution is not to be found in us. We have become motivated to turn our attention to the God who created us and who alone has the answers to our questions and the solution to our problems.  The Bible teaches us that the problem we have stems from what is missing in the soul and spirit of mankind. We need to be transformed, regenerated, and reborn by the Spirit of God.  Jesus said that He, Himself, is “the way, the truth, and the life, and no man can come to the Father except through Him.”  Any person who is willing to come to the one true God who created us, and receive His grace and mercy through “His only begotten Son”, (miraculously formed into a human being in the womb of the virgin Mary) can be saved from their sinful nature, forgiven by God, and become part of the true answer to the insanity of sin.

Millions of us have found that the affirmation of all of this is in the Bible.  If you also are at a point in your life where you also realize it is our very nature that is the problem and we do not have the power within us to change ourselves, then perhaps you are ready to consider what God’s Word has to say. It is recommended that you first pray and ask God to reveal Himself to you; then read the New Testament gospels and consider carefully what Jesus said and did.

Here are some suggested passages: John 3:1 – 21; John 8:12; John 12:44; John 14:15 – 21; John 16:5 -11

Blessings to You all,    Vince

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