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Jesus said John 3: 1 – 6

 You must be born again    John 3:1 – 6 Early in His public ministry Jesus was approached by Nicodemus who was one of the ruling Pharisees (religious leaders of the Jews). He believed in God and knew that anyone who had the miraculous power that Jesus was demonstrating had to come from God. John 3:3-8 Jesus answered and said… (more…)

Jesus said.. John 2:15 – 21

All of us who read the Bible will recall how Jesus early in His ministry went up to Jerusalem and entered the Synagogue courts to find people there who were making a market place (profiteering) out of the house of God.  This was His response and what He said: John 2:15 – 21 When He had made a whip of… (more…)

Jesus said… Matthew 4:17

Many of us have seen a person or a cartoon of some wild eyed person standing on a street corner in ‘Metropolis’ USA wearing sandwich boards saying “Repent – Judgment is coming”. The gospel of Matthew records that Jesus preached a similar message with a big difference. After Jesus Christ’s experience in the dessert, Matthew records the beginning of Christ’s… (more…)