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Tempting God and Being Tempted

At the time that Jesus was enduring the 40 days and nights of fasting in the wilderness and being tempted  by Satan, His responses to Satan teach us some very critical truths for our own lives in Christ Jesus. (See the previous post from Matt 4: “Living by the Word of God”.) Matthew 4:5 – 10  Then the devil took Him… (more…)

Choose Slavery or True Freedom

  According to the Bible, slavery and true freedom are not legislated by governments and dictators, but are rather a matter of personal choice.  Think about what Jesus taught his followers in this conversation with Jewish leaders who were at the time under the rule of the Roman Government. John 8: 31-36  Then Jesus said to those Jews who believed… (more…)

Living by the Word of God

In the chronicles of the life of Jesus Christ from Mathew’s gospel, one of the earliest challenges He faced were the three (3) temptations of Satan in the desert after 40 days and nights of fasting. His answers to Satan should have great significance to all of us who are His disciples. Mathew 4:4 Although he was starving physically when… (more…)