Introduction to Daily Devotional in 1 Peter

Introduction to 1 Peter 1 Daily Meditation

It is hoped that many of you will find this daily devotional from the Apostle’s Peters 1st letter to be encouraging, instructive and life changing. Peter’s letter is written with the apostolic authority, passion, and love, of the man that Jesus commissioned as a shepherd over His flock to “go and feed my sheep”!  Peter, who was chosen by Jesus to be one of the 12 apostles, learned some difficult lessons and went through some life changing experiences in his relationship with the Lord.  No one has more personal intimate knowledge of the truth of Jesus life, death, and resurrection, or of the power of God’s Spirit in a man’s life than Peter. No one can speak with more authority and conviction than Peter of the truth and reality of the Christian faith.

Please join me in meditating on the truth shared in Peter’s letter as we go through it verse by verse. I would encourage you to read it with your wife, husband, children, or personal Christian friend and have a time of thoughtful conversation about how these things should impact our lives.

One way to keep up with a daily devotional would be to make a habit of going to it the first thing when you sit down at your computer. Take 5 minutes to read a few verses and to meditate on the meaning they should have for our lives.

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